Private Labeling Services

Private Labeling ServicesWe have a number of customers to whom we provide our paints and coatings under private label. Whether you are looking for a product that you haven’t developed the ideal formula, want a product with a particular feature or property, or simply want us to provide our high-quality paint and coating products on your shelf and under your label, Warren Paint & Color Company can help.

With private labeling comes custom formulating. Warren Paint & Color Co. has the capability to fulfill your requirements, from brand recognition to special packaging and production of an entire specialty product line, we do it all.

We work closely with our customers to understand your business, product requirements, labeling requirements, quantities needed, and any certification requirements. Then we discuss practical solutions when recommending paints, coatings, and other related products, all with the goal of maximizing your return on investment. Once we identify the ideal solution(s), we will produce samples and a quote for your approval.

Should you have special labeling requirements (OSHA, DOT , EPA etc.), Warren Paints has the knowledge and the resources to advise you.

Private labeling is a large part of our business and we have specialized in this area for many years. In fact, it is highly likely that you have used or seen a Warren Paint & Color Company product on the shelf of a major national paint supplier and didn’t even know it. We invite you to consider Warren Paint & Color Company for your next private labeling project!

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