Custom Formulating Services

Private Labeling ServicesCan’t find exactly what you need?

Searching for a non-traditional paint or a coating that doesn’t exist? Is another paint or coating supplier not quite able to meet your requirements? Over 75% of the product made at Warren is a one-of-a-kind coating, fulfilling the unique needs of the customer.

Our experienced paint chemists and technicians will know how to solve the problem. They have experience with a multitude of industrial, architectural, and specialty coatings from over 100 years of continuous paint and coating manufacture at Warren. Chemists stay abreast of the latest coating technology by attending and actively participating in industry conferences such as the American Coatings Show and the Southern Society for Coatings Technology.

We’ll take note of your exact needs, and be sure that each ingredient and process that we use in the development of your coating contributes to those needs. You may want emphasis of properties like environmental or OSHA compliance, hardness, chemical resistance, cleanability, corrosion or humidity resistance, or adhesion to unusual substrates. We’ll provide samples and make necessary changes for as many iterations it takes to satisfy your requirements.

The Warren laboratory has many unique pieces of test equipment used for quality control and comparative analysis. We can apply coating for evaluation to precise thicknesses with various application bars.

We can mix batches for in-house and customer evaluation from one ounce to five gallons and are able to weigh materials with high accuracy from 0.001 to 7000 grams.

If you can dream it, we can likely make it.

Quality Control & Testing

ViscometersBrookefield, Stormer, Ford and Zahn
Viscosity UnitsPoise, seconds, mils and Kreb units
Tests For:
  • Viscosity
  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Coefficient of friction
  • pH
  • Spectrophotomeric color
  • Gloss at 20°, 60°, and 85°
  • Opacity
  • Crosshatch adhesion
  • Sag resistance
  • Density
  • And more
Coating Application Methods
  • Brush
  • Roll
  • HVLP air spray
  • Electrostatic spray
  • Dip
Test Substrates
  • Specially coated card stock
  • Various species of wood
  • Multiple types of plastic
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Metals: galvanized, copper, glass, aluminum, tin plate, steel

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