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Paint MixingWarren Paint has meant quality for over a century. In recent decades, Warren Paint & Color Co. has focused on formulating new materials to meet emerging needs.

Today owned by the Smythe family, President Jeff Smythe enjoys working personally with customers to ensure that Warren’s products will meet their requirements precisely. You don’t need to be a chemical engineer to talk with us – we discuss our sometimes sophisticated solutions in plain language. But if you prefer to talk in engineering terms, that’s fine, too, because Jeff has a Chemical Engineering degree.

Fast-tracking is another one of our specialties. You’ll save yourself a lot of time by calling us first. Don’t be surprised if by the end of our initial conversation, Jeff himself has already devised a formula ready for the lab. If necessary, we’ll make a batch that’s never existed before, with unique proportions of materials for exactly the desired qualities.

We’re experienced in serving a wide variety of industries – not just because of our technical knowledge, but also just from having been around so long.

Our clients – who include contractors, end-users, private labelers, educational institutions and government agencies – typically need 50 to 1,000 gallons per batch. Please see our products pages for product categories that are immediately available, or you can learn more about our custom paint formulating capabilities. Countless variations are available usually within just a few days, as we can customize formulations to your needs.

Or, you may just need our expertise. See our services page for other solutions we provide.

Our History

With our hundred-year history, we understand the needs of a wide range of industries. We’re known nationwide for quality and innovation. Some of our products, in addition to being available directly from us, may be obtained from private label resellers, or from marketers who entrust us to do their manufacturing. We also provide our technical knowledge on a consulting basis.

We do business innovatively, too – whatever is best for you. For example, Warren can lower relabelers’ costs by shipping our product as a concentrate. We’re exactly the right size to produce in volume yet respond quickly. And we’ve drop-shipped to customers at as many as 700 locations.

Warren Covers all Special Needs


  • We were asked to manufacture the corrosion-inhibitive coating for the Brooklyn Bridge’s main cables, the first reapplication in its history.
  • Concrete sealers made here protect and beautify millions of square feet of concrete in Middle Tennessee.
  • We’ve developed energy-efficient coatings for the University of Tennessee Space Institute, for the U.S. Dept. of Energy and for private labelers.
  • Also for the U. of Tennessee Space Institute, we developed a suspension vehicle for the application of metal powders (silicon, chrome, etc.) to lesser surfaces like iron and steel, one that leaves pure metal behind.
  • Structural steel fabricators use Warren Paint because of its high durability, fast drying and excellent coverage qualities.

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