What commitment is required for you to develop a custom formulation?

After discussing your needs and determining that there is a fit, we generally will produce laboratory samples for your evaluation. Unless the scope of work is very large, this is done at no charge to the prospective customer. We anticipate your continued purchase of a unique product.

I have a product that I want manufactured. How can I protect the information that I must transmit to you?

We can provide a mutual non-disclosure agreement that protects the intellectual property of both parties. A century of ethical business dealings is our assurance that we will honor your intellectual property.

What are minimums for custom formulas and private labeling?

That depends on the degree of complexity in development, packaging requirements, unique materials required, and the degree of hazard in manufacturing the product. Of course, price is commensurate with batch size, but it may be cost effective for us to make as little as 50 gallons.

Can you ship out of the country?

We will ship to NAFTA countries beginning at 200 gallons and other countries at full container loads (approximately 2000 gallons). EU shipments require REACH registration and may take more time to first order and greater purchase commitment.

What are your lead times?

Many stock products ship the same day. Custom product and private label product lead times for initial shipments range from a week and up depending on complexity and specific requirements. After successful product implementation and with your commitment, we can stock those special products.

Are your products VOC compliant?

VOC compliance depends on the geographical area where the product is applied. We are familiar with many of the various VOC limits around the country and can work with you to be sure you keep local, state, and federal environmental agencies satisfied.

What types of testing are you equipped to do in your lab?

We can perform basic tests associated with quality control, i.e. hiding, viscosity, dry time, color, solids, and pH. Testing for product development is generally more specific includes wet adhesion, abrasion, flexibility, heat aging, color change, chemical resistance, and many others. We have relationships with outside labs to perform test that we are not equipped to do like mildew resistance, corrosion resistance, and heavy metal certification.

You don’t have a shopping cart. How do I find out whether a product is in stock and how much it costs?

Call or email and we will give you stock status and pricing information. Special pricing may apply to repeat orders or orders over 100 gallons.

What types of products don’t you make?

We avoid Nitrocellulose lacquer, ecoat (not to be confused with electrostatic), and powder. Due to health concerns, we dont use lead, respirable crystalline silica, and APE (alkylphenol ethoxylates) surfactants in our coatings. We are moving toward waterborne and higher solids coatings where practical. We leave paint store tinting of single gallons of special colors to paint stores.

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