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Concrete Coatings

Pavement and Concrete Coatings

Concrete Cure and Seal

Warren's concrete sealers serve two purposes. On new concrete, they seal in moisture, boosting the overall strength of concrete, and reducing failures such as cracks and spalling. The oil and stain resistance of the coated surface is improved. When applied liberally or in two coats, this product imparts a rich glossy look to concrete and exposed aggregate. Pure acrylic composition means longer sealer life with less yellowing.

Concrete Cure and Seal
Concrete Cure & Seal (PDF 30KB)


Warren’s pigmented, air-drying polyurethanes are ideal for older interior concrete surfaces where exposure to water and weather is limited. No mixing of components is necessary; just use as supplied. This product has exceptional wear resistance and resistance to many chemicals.

Polyurethane Floor
Polyurethane Floor (PDF 19KB)


Warren's Polyamide High Gloss Epoxy is formulated to provide extreme resistance to corrosion, acids, alkalis, solvents, and other chemicals. It may be used in a marine environment for long term protection of steel and concrete. Polyamide High Gloss Epoxy is available in white and gray with high build, semi-gloss, and special colors available by special order.

Epoxy Floor
Epoxy Floor (PDF 27KB)


Warren’s concrete densifiers are based on silicate technology. They are a low-cost, VOC free means to harden concrete floors that will experience severe traffic and abrasion. Densifiers are commonly applied to warehouse and factory floors soon after concrete is cured. They are mostly ineffective if installed after another coating.

Densifiers (PDF 19KB)

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