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Industrial & OEM Coatings

Quick-Dry, Tractor, Implement, and Heavy Equipment Enamels

Warren's Quick Dry Enamels are formulated to withstand the elements and normal abuse. Quick Dry Enamels are ideal for factory application because they dry within minutes to a tack-free finish that fully cures within hours. Quick Dry Enamels are available in a wide range of colors and degrees of gloss, and they provide good exterior durability and corrosion resistance. Many common implement colors are in stock.

Quick Dry
Quick Dry (PDF 26KB)


Different surfaces require different chemistries. Various colors, dry times, VOCs, and levels of quality are available in the Warren line, so we have a primer for you whether you are refurbishing equipment or fabricating structural steel.

Primer Quick Dry
Quick Dry (PDF 26KB)
Low VOC (PDF 26KB)

Water Reducible Alkyds

In response to requests for environmentally sound coatings, Warren has added water reducible enamels to our product line. Warren's WR Enamels are safer in terms of user health and flammability versus most conventional solvent-borne enamels. WR Enamels may be applied by various methods direct to metal, and dry overnight to a hard water-resistant finish. WR Enamels are available in a wide range of colors and degrees of gloss, and they provide good exterior durability and corrosion resistance.

Water Reducible
Water Reducible (PDF 26KB)

High Solids Alkyd Enamel Finish VOC Compliant

Warren has several options available in the VOC-compliant solvent-borne alkyd line. From quick-dry to economical, there is a product that will take care of your coating needs. Various colors and electrostatic compatibility are available.

Contact us for more information.

High Solids
High Solids (PDF 26KB)

High Heat Coatings

Warren's High Heat Enamels are formulated to withstand exposure to elevated temperatures on interior and exterior metal structures. High Heat Enamels are supplied ready to spray and fully cure overnight. They are recommended for application to interior and exterior steel surfaces such as mufflers, smoke stacks, asphalt plants, and steam pipes that will be exposed intermittently to temperatures up to 800 F.

High Heat
High Heat (PDF 26KB)
Moderate Heat
Moderate Heat (PDF 26KB)


Warren's Polyamide High Gloss Epoxy is formulated to provide extreme resistance to corrosion, acids, alkalis, solvents, and other chemicals. It may be used in a marine environment for long term protection of steel and concrete. Neva-Rust is a low-temperature cure surface tolerant epoxy coating for steel structures that provides extreme performance.

Epoxy Industrial
Epoxy Industrial (PDF 26KB)
Surface Tolerant
Surface Tolerant (PDF 26KB)

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