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Architectural Paints & Coatings

Interior – House Paints

Urethanes and Clear Epoxy (cabinets, flooring, and bar top)

Warren's Polyurethane Varnish is formulated to withstand mild chemical exposure and abrasion and is ideal for brush, roller, or spray application due to its moderate dry times. It fully cures overnight and is recommended for application to interior wood, concrete, and properly primed steel surfaces. Polyurethane Varnish is available by special order in a wide range of colors and degrees of gloss, and provides good chemical and abrasion resistance. Use our 100% solids pourable epoxy to lay down a thick, clear finish on table and bar top.

Polyurethane (PDF 26KB)
Clear Epoxy
Clear Epoxy (PDF 27KB)

Interior Latex (drywall, plaster, vertical brick, and molding)

Satin Walco is the premium flat latex wall paint of the Warren product line. It is ready to use after stirring, flows on smoothly, and dries to a velvet-flat finish that dries to touch in less than one hour. It’s washable and scrubbable after 30 days, and has very low odor. Satin Enamatex dries to a semigloss and is ideal for trim and cabinets.

Satin Walco
Satin Walco (PDF 26KB)
Satin Enamatex
Satin Enamatex (PDF 26KB)

Interior Semi-Gloss Oil (trim and cabinets and exterior metal)

Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface for properly primed wood, metal, and drywall surfaces. This coating provides a luxurious appearance and years of service. Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel may be used on metal cabinets, bathroom walls, wood trim, and other areas that need a hard impervious surface.

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Interior – Specialty Paints

Unseen Super Flat Chroma Key Paint

Providing the super-low gloss and glare with narrow wavelength distribution desired for technologies such as chroma keying and studio photography, it also has a lower cost, making it suitable for reselling. Absolutely superior opacity, available in green, blue, black and white.

Unseen Super Flat Chroma Key Paint
Unseen (PDF 26KB)

Glass Coatings

Warren’s glass coatings adhere tenaciously to glass. Special adhesion promoters enable adhesion to glass, ceramics, and other inorganic surfaces that would otherwise be impossible. A range of coatings with different properties are available for different substrates and end uses. You can black out windows, create a spray-on frosted glass appearance, and add UV filtration to standard glass. All of this can be done without fear of peeling and blistering as would be encountered with most coatings. There is a Warren glass coating that can be applied interior, exterior, or in production environments.

Glass Coatings
Glass Coatings (PDF 19KB)

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Swimming Pool Paints

Warren's Swimming Pool Paints are formulated to adhere to concrete excellently and to withstand constant immersion in fresh water. Our Swimming Pool Paints are ideal for brush, roller, or spray application due to their moderate dry times. They fully cure in a few days and are recommended for application to interior and exterior concrete and provide good durability and service in any environment that is constantly expose to water or moisture. Chlorinated rubber is the most common type. Epoxy is recommended for concrete, epoxy, and fiberglass. Limited colors available except epoxy which is available in white only.

Chlorinated Rubber
Chlorinated Rubber (PDF 26KB)
Epoxy (PDF 27KB)
Copolymer (PDF 26KB)

Porch and Deck Paints

Warren's Porch and Deck Enamels are formulated to withstand the elements and everyday abuse. Our Porch and Deck Enamels are ideal for brush, roller, or spray application due to their moderate dry times. They fully cure overnight and are recommended for application to interior and exterior metal, wood, and concrete surfaces, providing good durability and corrosion resistance. Their abrasion resistance makes them an ideal choice for high traffic areas. Available by special order in a wide range of colors and degrees of gloss.

Barn and Roof Coatings

Warren's Barn and Roof coatings are an economical approach to maintaining barns, sheds, and out buildings. This product provides good protection of wood and properly primed metal surfaces. It may be brushed, rolled, or sprayed, and dries overnight to a semigloss protective film.

Exterior Latex Products (wood, vertical concrete and primed steel)

Vinyl Acrylic is a high quality exterior flat latex paint that produces a one-coat finish on most repaint work. Due to its excellent hide and film build, fewer coats are needed over new or unpainted surfaces. Vinyl Acrylic is easily applied and provides an ordinary life expectancy of five years. Latex House and Trim is a quality latex semi-gloss for exterior surfaces.

Vinyl Acrylic
Vinyl Acrylic (PDF 26KB)
Latex House and Trim
Latex House and Trim (PDF 26KB)

Colored Mulch

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